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It was a good year…



Almost half century later, Felicitas Rumbaua (widow of Jose Barasi), Editha Ordonez Perez, and I stood behind the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City/New York. Reminding everyone that it is about that time for the Golden Anniversary of the 55-56 Class…



Agbanlog. Celestino

Balut, Ruben

Banaga, Virgilio

Barasi, Jose

Cabading, Ernesto

Cabading. Roman

Casem, Honesto

Cayton. Rolando

Enriquez, Nestor

Lagasca, Gideon

Magpale, Rosendo

Mailig, Renato

Saulo, Agustin

Soriano, Alfredo

Velasco, Pedro

Vidad, Buenaventura

Vila, Rodolfo

Amador, Saturnina

Balut, Estrella (Deceased)

Barrouga, Leonida

Bautista, Lilia

Bullecer, Cholita

Casem, Rosario

Cayton, Virginia

Dagdag, Elizabeth

Javier, Juanita

Magpale, Rosalina (Deceased)

Ordonez, Editha

Padua, Clarita

Palugod, Nieves

Rumbaua, Felicitas

Sales, Alfreda

Somera, Florencia

Vargas, Victoria

Vidad, Nena

Viernes, Virginia



Let us not forget our contemporaries who walked the portion of the 4 years of high school with us. Some because of economic and other family condition were not able to complete the graduation. There were others who transferred to other school but regardless they shared our growing up process. I would like to mention few and please help me track them down:


Dominador Perdido (who transferred to Dalton High)

Rolando Palugod (transferred to Bacolod)

Policarpio (I don’t know the fist name)

I remember the first year when there were band members from Indiana who attended)



Where are they now?


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Nestor Palugod Enriquez


January 10, 2003